Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Daddy Gives Rockin' Surcies

I've got some impossibly big shoes to fill when this whole bedrest stint ends...
Shopping with mama isn't nearly as cool as shopping with daddy!

When I give a prize or surcie, it's usually something like play-doh or a puzzle.
Those are good prizes, right?

Benson tagged along on the latest grocery run to pick out a surprise since he'd been "such a sweet boy."

Benjamin calls me from the toy aisle and says, "Your son is just as indecisive as you- he keeps walking up and down the toy aisles and going back and forth between picks."

My advice?
"I always pick three toys I like and let him choose between those."
They usually include some sort of craft or book or ball... {Real fun, mom.} 

Benjamin took the advice and I have no idea what the other two options were,
but they ended up coming home with this:


Unlike the Kumon books, which I find simply delightful and entertaining, and AGE APPROPRIATE,
this REAL cap gun was intended for 8 year olds and up.
So, exactly WHO was this surcie for again??

cowboy mean face

I guess daddy has been "such a sweet boy" himself, he deserves a little time to be a rowdy cowboy.
And his little boy follows his lead well...

This is Benson's rowdy cowboy face:
{ it's very similar to his "don't judge me" face }

bensons cowboy mean face

I guess it's the smoke that makes it an 8+ toy...
Or I suppose it could be the small explosion of gunpowder...
Although, the ability to squeeze the trigger could be where the age gap lies for my little man...

a for effort

Thanks goodness daddy is so strong!

daddys help

I so  enjoy watching him enjoy his daddy's rockin' surcies :)

bensons cowboy cute face

Love. My. Cowboys.

so mean

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