Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood....

On one of the many beautiful days last week, Benjamin set up a beach chair for us outside and Benson, the bump and I got to spend a pretty afternoon soaking up some much needed vitamin D.

le bebe

Sidewalk chalk is much better outside than in the bed...

sidewalk chalk

And eyes don't sparkle like this indoors...


Although, the stink-eye doesn't discriminate between inside and outside...

the stinkface

Here's the cheeeese face... haven't seen THAT one in a while...

squinty eye

And here's my husband when he was three and a half:  
Ok, not really, but ya could've fooled me!


And here's my punkin' being a pirate.
This pose could have possibly come from watching one too many of the new
"Jake and the Neverland Pirates" cartoons on Disney Junior.
Lately, we're watching a few more cartoons than normal...
Or maybe he's just being a boy?


He pulled a sprinkler out of the garage and was trying really hard to talk me in to thinking that
70 degree March was an ideal time to play in the water outside.   
When he does his little hand out like that, he's pretty convincing....


Here's the doodle scooping golf balls with his tractor.  
What?  What better thing is there to scoop with a scooping tractor, than golf balls? 

scoopin golf balls

This is my baby.  If I wasn't laying here baking another one already, 
this picture would make me want another one.  Badly. 


*as a sidenote: the rag-a-muffin received a haircut very shortly after these pics were taken. 
scraggly headed little booger. 

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  1. such a sweet post, glad you got some time outside! and you look amazing, glad little boy is staying put :)