Friday, March 25, 2011

A Monumental Milestone...

This is a monumental milestone:


No, not the skinned knee... The way he's holding his crayon!


I really wasn't sure he was going to ever go from the death-grip-choke-hold, to proper crayon/pencil holding technique. 
And any time I've tried to correct him on it, he's put up quite the fight.
Until now...


And we have this to thank for it:

The boy could do these mazes all day long!  
I'm so thankful for the discovery of this little collection. 
I honestly probably would have never bought them myself, thinking they were too easy for him, but he's SO PROUD of being able to do them all by himself, and once he completes this book, I'm planning to get the next one:
My First Book Of Mazes
It steps up the difficulty a little bit, and after gaining some confidence with the first set,
I think he'll love the second one.  I'm thinking it'll go in his Easter basket :)

I've had to limit the number of pages he can do each day so that he doesn't finish it too quickly. 

It's been interesting to me, because he's never been a real fan of "coloring."  
{ Which stinks, because I could sit and color all day!  }
I think he needs more direction and goal than just a blank page provides.  
Each of these pages has some specific task he's asked to complete and he totally thrives on that. 
He loves it.  See...
"Benson, show me a smile!":


No, a real smile...


Ok, nevermind...
We'll just take one thing at a time.
Way to go on learning how to hold a crayon!!! :) 

Oh, and remember how I spend all day in my PJ's?  
He does too.  Hence the many "boxer only" shots lately.  
Hey, at least we produce minimal laundry!! :)

And here's just a little snap of daddy arriving at home that day...   
Benson literally JUMPS into his daddy's arms each afternoon. 
And it never ceases to MELT my heart! :)


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