Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Always Wear Clean Underwear.

It's funny how you live and learn.

Last time I had a person in my tummy,  right as that person was starting to get big and poke out, I went into labor and subsequent bedrest with him.  The only time I ever got to get OUT of the bed and go somewhere was my weekly doctors visit.  I have virtually NO pictures of him in my belly (except the ones of me lying in my recliner at my baby shower the day before he was born and the one that we snapped right before we went to the doctor the day he was born which was, in retrospect, HIDEOUS, but hey, we captured the memory.  And they weren't letting me shower, remember?)

This time around, I have this theory.
Has your mama ever told you to always wear clean underwear ?
I'm pretty sure the idea behind it is that you never have any idea what's going to happen, so if some accident of some sort were to happen, your underwear would be clean.
Because who wants to be wearing dirty underwear if some accident were to happen? 
Do people really wear dirty underwear??

I don't know.
It's a mom saying.  Google it.

I spend six days a week in my PJ's and in the bed.  (Poor Benjamin)  If you've noticed a lack of "mama appearances" on the blog except for the weekly doctors visit, that explains it.
I prefer to stay BEHIND the camera on those days. 

I still only get out once a week, to go to the doctor, but it's amazing how great it feels to shower, get dressed and ready and to just feel like a NORMAL pregnant person instead of feeling like Humpty Dumpty, afraid to move the wrong way, for fear of going into labor! 

So this go 'round, I've been trying to take pics before my doctors appointments, because you never know when you're going to go in, get checked and then have the baby.  It can happen that fast!  (It did last time!)
And because belly pics aren't NEARLY as cute after the baby's OUT.
And there's only a small amount of time in your life where you CAN take belly pics.
I believe in capturing moments with my camera in case you couldn't tell.
I feel like you've gotta live each preggo day like it's your last one being pregnant!   And I love being pregnant.  It's such a gift that the Lord lets us be a part of this time.  He could have just made us hatch out of a cabbage patch or something, but instead he chose to bless us with being a part of growing His people.  I think we take it for granted.  It's such an incredible blessing that he designed it this way.  I'm really thankful for that.  Nothing compares to having a tiny person hiccup inside of you.  It's a gift from the Lord.  Thank you Lord!!!

Here we are about to hop in the car at 32 weeks and 5 days...

32 weeks profile

I love being a mama. I love squeezy face hugs like these. 

my sugar

And I love spending my days with my family.
All THREE of my boys!!! 

fam pic

The doctors report showed some slight changes.  We're 50% effaced and 1cm dilated.  I've been having some crazy contractions over the past three days,  (which I fully attribute to the super moon) so I was relieved that he didn't send us straight to the delivery room!
He upped the meds we've been taking and told us to continue to be horizontal.

And so we shall...

I'm on season five of LOST.  Wonder if I'll be able to get through the rest of this season and season six, the final season, before this little doodle takes away my TV time?

Benjamin said this past week that he thought we should send Netflix a large check with a note saying we felt like we were abusing the $7.99 unlimited instant watch feature over the past two months. 

I think they should make a commercial out of a bedrest mama watching unlimited Netflix to help her pass the time.
That'd be good advertising right there!


  1. You look amazing! Praying for you and your three boys! Even though I wasn't on bedrest, I definitely got my netflix on a lot when I was pregnant with Emmy! It's awesome!

  2. You look great!! I couldn't imagine what I would have looked like if I was put on bed rest.. NOT LIKE YOU! Hope your feeling well, not much longer! And when I was preggo I got hooked on Netflix documentaries...of all things! :)