Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Some interesting facts about the Mayfly...

For those of you who aren't keeping up with the gestational age of our baby on a daily basis, I'd like to let you know...
we've made it to the 30's!!!
I'm 30 weeks today!!  Praise the Lord!!!
This marks four weeks in the bed, and hopefully we'll get to at least six more!  Ahhh!!

I'd say the first interesting thing about the Mayfly is that, in all likelihood,
he will NOT be a Mayfly.

I'm not saying that it's out of the realm of possibility, because there's a bajillion people praying (thank you!!!) and I've had a really good past few days, with no regular/patterned contractions, and, according to yesterday's ultrasound, everything is in tact and in it's rightful place/length/spot etc.
I could go into more detail, but I um, won't.
I'm just thinking May 12 seems a little unlikely.  It could happen.  But I'm thinking not.    

And it's really too bad that it looks like he won't be a Mayfly, because I can't seem to think of any cute "april bugs" or "march flies" to go with his Junebug brother, so maybe the bug theme's gotta go.
That's a shame really, because I like a theme.

And I'm a mama of two boys.  (Well, almost two boys)


Another interesting fact about the not-so-MAY-fly, is that, apparently, at 29 weeks old and in utero,
he has HAIR.


What?  You can't see it? 
Well, honestly, I kinda had a hard time making it out myself, but the ultrasound tech INSISTED he has hair and she could see it!  She even snapped this picture with his ear and little (what appears to be mullet) hair sticking out.  Not the greatest pics ever, but still.  The child has hair. 
This might be normal for other families, but neither I nor Benjamin had hair until we were two.  
And in this picture, taken June of 2009, Benson IS two.  
And bald. 

family hugs

is a picture of the Mayfly's foot.  (in case you couldn't tell by the little note on the screen)
What you CAN'T tell, is that this FOOT is OVER his head.  
He had one arm over is head and the opposite foot OVER HIS HEAD. 
He didn't get that flexibility from us either.  
Who is this child?!


When Benson was born, he was kinda squished.  
I think all babies are.  But he espeically was.  I remember looking at him and thinking he looked like a little pig with this nose squished the way it was.  A cute little pig.  But a pig, nonetheless. 
Here's the best shot we got of the Mayfly's face.  He was looking backward the whole time, so it took talent to get even this good of a shot.  
(should have drank some caffiene before going in for the ultrasound!)
But when I saw him, I said, 

"aw!  he looks just like benson did when he was born- like a little piglet!"

Benjamin doesn't think it's nice to call our boys piglets, but I'm just sayin'...


That looks like a lil snout! :)  And I can say that, because I'm their mama.  But I better not ever hear anybody ELSE say my babies look like pigs, because then I think the mama BEAR in me might come out.  I'm pregnant and hormonal, cut me a break :) 

Other intersting tid-bits:

The lil one's head is down, which was music to his mother's ears.
They didn't measure how much he weighed, but I'm thinking it's about three pounds according to the last ultrasound and how he should be growing.

He's cute.

Benjamin said, "what did you possibily see on the ultrasound to give you any indication that he was "cute?"  COULD you have seen anything that you DIDN'T think was cute?"

And all I know is... He's cute.
And I'm pregnant and hormonal, cut me a break :)


  1. Jessica, when Bryan was born, three weeks late btw, the top of his ears had "uncurled" I guess is the word I'm looking for, he had this beautiful face with these ears.. that were just flat and straight as tulips. I thought it was so cute, but I remember pulling that little blue bonnett down just ever so slightly to cover up the tops of his ears. I called him my little "ewok".. Harold never liked it. He told me I was picking on his baby. but like you, I was the mommy that just delivered this almost 10 pounds overdue creature that completely opposite of you never wanted to leave my body. So, I could say whatever I wanted. His ears finally curled down nicely.. LOL...

  2. Tracie... that is hilarious. I'm sitting here dieing laughing. I guess I'm "ROTBL" get that?! haha :)
    That's just too funny. Thanks for the laugh! :)

  3. Seriously, take a look at that pic on FB i just tagged you in... Don't you love babies!!! Glad I made you laugh but don't be ROTBL too hard!!!

  4. glad to see you post again...everytime recently, when you don't post for a few days, my friend and i (in greenville, sc) worry that the baby might be on his way! glad all is well :)

  5. How about the MARCHing Ant? ... but seriously I hope he comes in April/May.

  6. Heather.. thanks for following along :) hopefully LOTS of time will pass before he makes his debut! :)

    trey- i love it! Junebug and Marching Ant! ha! :) great idea :)

  7. 'Bugs Bunny' is pretty important in April. :) This sweet baby could be your little Bugs Bunny. It stays w/the bug theme, sorta. . .though not an insect. Karen D.