Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Ryan!!

Benjamin's little brother, Jeremy, got married this past weekend!  When I was put on bedrest, that was at the forefront of my mind...  "I'm going to miss the wedding!!!"  Well, after stopping by the doctors office on Friday and finding there was no change on the baby front, I went to Lexington and continued my bedrest there for the weekend.

Two hours before the wedding, I just couldn't stand it.  I mean, my thinking was, I go to the DOCTOR each week and sit for 30 minutes to an hour in his waiting room... what's the difference in sitting in a church pew for that long?!  So I went.  Not exactly with "permission," but I just couldn't stay away.

When I stepped out of the car at the church, I definitely felt like I was doing something ILLEGAL and that the authorities were going to come and get me.  It's so crazy.  I can't imagine being a normal pregnant person just daily walking around at 33 and a half weeks.  I do dream of it though.  Maybe next time.  HA!  I probably need to wait long enough for Benjamin to forget what bedrest is like, before I start pushing that one! 

Even though I was a BASKET CASE the entire time, { I always cry at weddings + pregnancy hormones = disaster }  I got to see the Main Event and it was beautiful!  And I'm so thankful I didn't miss it.  And I went to the doctor on Monday and there was still no change, so all in all I feel like it was a good decision.  I captured a few pics, but the whole thing happened really quickly and I had about a hundred people saying- "Ok, it's over- go get back in the bed!"  So I, sadly, didn't even get a snap of the bride and groom :(  But trust me.  They were beautiful! :)

Since B was in the wedding, Papa got the little guy dressed in his suit.  
I just love this picture..
I feel like they look so cute in their white shirts and slacks with Papa getting him all situated.

papa getting benson ready

I mean... just precious. 


Here's the current lineup.  
Susie and I will be adding a couple of bookends to this crew here in the next month or so! :)

the kids

Have I mentioned how much I love these two?

fam pic

I can't believe my LITTLE boy is about to be a BIG brother! 

benson and mama vintage

My dad snapped these at the reception for me...
Cuties on the dance floor. 
I heard from multiple sources that Benson STAYED on the dance floor all night. 
I 'm glad I have his July wedding experience to be able to envision what that was like.  

cuties on the dance floor

And this is seriously the only picture of the newlyweds! And no that is not my husband, it's Brittanys.  Although there was some confusion about that when the photographer handed BENJAMIN the fake garder to throw.   


Welcome to the family, Brittany Ryan! We love you!!


  1. beautiful photos! love the one with his papa and the one with the kids...they are SO adorable!

  2. The back of her dress is beautiful. So glad you made it!