Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This post is from Benson's first trip to Clemson this season.

It also was the first Clemson game this season.

He hasn't missed a home game since.

Yes, my three old son has perfect attendance at Clemson this year.

Wonder if we'll be able to say that same thing about his class attendance in 15 years when he's a freshman???   

Gotta start 'em young! 

Here he is in front of Memorial Stadium saying "ThhhhEEEE"
as in:
"ThhEE- L-E-M-ETH-Ooooo-N!"

memorial stadium

The most exciting 25 seconds in all of college football:
(and the two cutest boys in all of college football stadiums!)

running down the hill

This is the girl who sat behind us.  Benson and her became good friends.  



loves clemson

Benson loves Clemson.  He really does.  
But during the first two quarters, he asks aBOUT 25 times, 
"Is it half time yet?!" 
He REALLY LOVES Halftime. 

loves daddy

And here's why:
He always gets a treat to eat during the third quarter.  And he isn't dumb.  He knows that the third quarter comes after half time and that means some sort of sugary confection.  And that's worth waiting for.  But also worth asking about.  Every two minutes. 

third quarter treat

We LOVE Clemson!!!  Betcha couldn't tell! :) 

fam pic

Much more orange to come...


  1. I love that first picture of Benson! Super adorable. And that dress you have on, oh so cute!

    There is nothing better than a game at Clemson! I can't wait to one day take Kyler! Although, his daddy is not a fan!

  2. thanks, melissa :) Hope it won't be TOO long before you guys can make it to a Clemson game. They're the best :)