Saturday, October 2, 2010

The girl doesn't know what she's getting in to...

We celebrated Brittany's birthday while we were in the mountains.

She got a small glimpse in to her future as Mrs. Ryan.

Glimpse 1:
From now on, you have to share your birthday candles with nieces and nephews (even when it just happens to be a fork??)

birthday cake

Glimpse 2:
Birthday presents know no boundaries.
(when she opened this present, she was like, "am I supposed to pull these out of the bag??")

happy birthday newcomer

Glimpse 3:
When you marry Jeremy, you marry the family.
Here's B on one knee asking her to marry us.  

on one knee

will you marry us

She said Yes!!!
And we're thrilled!  :) 

she said yes!!

Now we've only got one spot left for another in-law.
I think we need to petition TLC for a new reality TV show.  
"The Last Spot" where it's a spin on the bachelor and WE (the family) get to pick who takes the last spot.  
(I mean, I guess uncle JO could have some say) 

I'd watch it! :) 

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