Friday, October 1, 2010

Hat Night!!!!!

Mrs. Lula has to be one of the most creatively fun people that has ever lived.  She comes up with ideas that are genious for the times that we all get together to make it special and memorable.  This year, in the mountains, we were all instructed to bring a hat of some sort for a "hat contest."  We knew there would be judges, and of course a winner (these are the Ryan's we're talking about!) but, other than that,  there were no other parameters.

Take it as you will :  "hat contest."

Here's what we ended up with:

hats collage

B was Bride Brittany and I was golfer Jeremy.
We got married and lived happily ever after.
We tied the real Brittany for second place.

jeremy and brittany pretend

She came as herself, with a stellar bride cap that she's heavily considering actually wearing down the aisle come March.

second runner up tie

It's hard to tell which is the real Brittany and which is the pretend.

brittany one and two

Thomas was the winner-winner-chicken-dinner!
It's probably hard to tell from this picture exactly why he took home first place,
but you can look in the collage of everybody's hat pics to see part of his whole "costume" and let me just say that the "part" that you can actually see, while it does show a tiny bit of what we witnessed during the hat contest, is in no way able to convey the whole thing- but I was threatened pretty heavily that if the whole of his display ended up on the blog-o-sphere, there would be retribution beyond anything I could imagine.  So all you get is a glimpse.  But trust me.  He deserved first place.

Nice effort Thomasina.

winner and wife

Even though the kids didn't participate in the hat contest, I thought Benson was a pretty cute little Habanero.  Although, his pajamas probably could have been a nice compliment to the whole Thomasina display.

benson with sombrero

Chalk up the Hat Contest to another Lula success!  What a fun idea Grandmama!! :)
(this might be my favorite fam pic ever.!!!)

silly hats

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