Friday, October 22, 2010

Kell and Lael in the Ville

Even though, in real time, Lael now looks like a teenager in comparison with these pics taken two months ago (imagine shameful head bow)  I just had to share the adorableness we experienced when Kell and Lael came to visit us in the ville.

It is seriously the sweetest thing ever to see the love these two cuties have for each other.   It's always so much fun when we can all get together.  :)

And  what did we do?
The normal.  The very wonderful normal. 

We ate at the shining star in Hartsville's crown: The Midnight Rooster.  I could live here.  

the rooster

We let the kids play in the tub.
Lael was as adorable as ever...

laely in the tubby

And Benson REALLY didn't want to get out. Ever. 

benson crying in the tub

Benson's papa came to visit, and I thought he looked cute with two :)

papa with two

And I love that Lael was signing "i love you" in this pic.  She's so beyond her years.
(Benson just figured out how to make that hand shape like, last week.  No joke.)  

i love you sign

Can you feel the love??

happy benson with lael

Looking forward to next time!!  :)

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  1. Love this post! Glad these pics made it on the blog and didn't get lost in your hard drive. Can't wait to til next time!