Tuesday, October 26, 2010


at the door
Ready for the first day of Co-Op!

One of the biggest blessings we've had in moving to Hartsville, is joining the HHE  Co-Op (hartsville home educators cooperative)  It meets every Monday from 8-12 at a local church facility.  Benson goes to a lttle pre-k class where the schedule is roughly:  playtime, Bible time, playtime, snack time, letter time, playtime, song time, playtime.  It could not be more suited for my little ants-in-his-pants three year old.

I had never heard of the idea of a Co-Op before, but it's pretty neat how they do it.  There's about 55 families who get together and there are four class periods.  There are classes from nursery, to pre-k, all the way up to the high school Latin and Chemistry.  Each mom volunteers to teach a class in which she may have special training or interest.  It's a great program!  Benson has loved it-- he absolutely adores his teacher, "Mrs. Shannon" and I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to spend time getting to know the other moms.  It's been SUCH a blessing!! 

Here's a list of Co-Op's around SC- check to see if there's one in your area! 

the backpack

Ready to go!

ready to go

One foot out on the door. 

one foot on the door

Playground Playtime!!!


Snack time!!


He wakes up aBOUT five times each Sunday night asking if it's time for Co-Op yet?!
We love Co-Op!!

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