Tuesday, October 5, 2010

lots of fish. small pond.

THAT's the kind of fishin' that's good for Three year olds!  

waiting on the fish to bite

pullin it in

So proud.  

benson caught a fish

benson kiss the fish

will caught a fishy

will kiss the fish

h touch the fish

h kiss the fish

i will not kiss a fish

britt and h caught a fish

aunt christa caught a fishy

It's all fun and games until you actually catch a fish and Mrs. Lula has gone back to the house for some reason.  

all fun and games til you gotta take the hook out

the fishin pond

fish in the pond

the catch

huggy sweetness

Fun, fishy times! :) 


  1. That last picture is so great! Memories those cousins will have for years!

  2. I love all the pictures, so sweet! I also love the face you are making while Brittany is trying to take off the fish! Priceless! I would be the same way!

  3. that last pic is frame worthy! precious!