Thursday, October 28, 2010

Last Lake Hoorah

In early September, we took a spin on the ole pontoon for our last summer lake hoorah. 

benson and nana

We took the grand dogs. 

lash and pais

We also attempted to let Benson ride the tube for the first time...
but there were some issues that were quite deflating....
har de har har :)


Then, before they could even get going, the line broke.  
But Benson had quite the positive attitude. 

we got it

Back in the boat, B dazzled us with his back-flippin skillz. 


"I have the coolest daddy in the world."

smiley benson

Of course, Papa let Benson be captain for a while, which he, as always, thoroughly enjoyed.  

benson and papa

Paisley ruled the open sea.


And Benson enjoyed teasing Nana by ONLY giving sugar to Lash.  
Which Lash also loved. 
(note Benson cutting his eyes as he kisses her-- 
he was looking at Nana's reaction- what a little stinker!) 

lash sugar

Until warmer weather, Lake Murray!  :)

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