Monday, May 31, 2010 {Season I Episode III}

Behind the scenes footage...
(in case you ever wondered what the stars do to prepare for the show...)

Upon Becca's arrival, Benson promptly had to "show her som-thin" in his room.
He pointed out his top bunk, his ladder, and his bookshelf.
That's about all there is to see in there, but he's pretty proud of it.
Then they settled in for a good story...

And later we went downtown to grab a bite at my favorite place in all of Hartsville...

Its a coffeeshop/courtyard eatery that has the most yummy dishes
and awesome atmosphere.
I'm totally a fan.
Love it.

Benjamin always rolls his eyes when I pull out the camera to snap my food... it never ends up looking as good on the screen as it tastes in my tummy-- but that never really stops me...
I just feel like goodness like this need to be documented.

This is the daydreamer salad.
It's organic spinach salad with warm pistachio encrusted goat cheese cake,
roasted red peppers, tomatoes, with honey bacon dressing.
I get mine with grilled shrimp on top.
So.very.good. Dreamy, in fact :)

The next day, we went to a little festival downtown...

And I made becca "be natural" and sit on an old train and smile.
She resisted. I persisted. I won :) So glad I did :) Pretty girl.
I totally see how you're the star of your own reality TV show.

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  1. Becca looks so grown up and so pretty! I'm thinkin that I may have to make a trip to go to the Midnight Rooster with you. I love it too and never have anyone to go with!! :) I'll be workin up a plan soon and let you know :)