Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Zoo First

In all the times we've been to the zoo, Benson's never ridden the pony.

That could be because he is just about to turn three and is just now old enough for me to feel comfortable with him riding a small animal without a five star rated carseat or something strapped on in order to keep him safe.

Or Because Grandmama was with us and offered to pony up the five bucks it costs to ride these babies.

Here he is getting all suited up...

Here's Jockey Benson Ryan giving one last kiss before entering the Riverbanks Stakes.
(He went on to finish in a dead heat, winning by a nose, dashing the triple crown hopes of jockey Calvin Borel. His grandmama was proud to be his sponsor.)

Preparing his Filly...

His trainer led him to the gate...

Victory Lap

He's a humble winner...

And he's planning to give all his winnings to his mama and daddy. After all, this day would have never been possible if it weren't for all their love and support :)

After his victory lap, he heard the simangs and went running across the zoo to find them...

The little monkey found a good tree to hold onto and settled into a good long gaze at his second favorite animal.

His first, of course, is the Tiger.

We do love the zoo. Do you?

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