Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hah-Pee Burf Day Paaaa Paaaa

We took a special trip to Pleasant Hill Middle School
to surprise our favorite administrator on his birthday!

He has quite the random assortment of confiscated goodies
that Benson found most fascinating...
(He also had a plate of oatmeal cookies sitting on his desk and offered one to Benson who replied, {and i quote}:
"No Thank You... I'm not a fan."
Wonder where he got that from?! :)

And then it was time for Bus Duty...

And Benson helped his Papa...

One of the perks of Bus Duty is that you get to get on the buses...

As papa was holding Benson and stepping off of the bus, the kids had gotten out of school and were starting to walk toward the bus- When they saw "Mr. Hunter" step off holding a child-- they went crazy-- "How did that kid get on there!?!" "Where did he come from?!" "How long has he been on there?!"

Since they hadn't seen him get on, they really thought Benson was a runaway- stowaway!
Oh the mind of a sixth grader...

Benson said it was too bright and he needed sunglasses... Lash, I'm not sure daddy would approve of this look...

Benson was SO EXCITED about "Bus Duty"-- and as we were standing there watching papa corral the kiddos, Benson, holding my hand, looked up at me and said... "Mama? What's Dooooty?" He didn't know what it was, but if Papa was there, he knew he wanted to be there too!

He was a little confused about why exactly we were celebrating this "Spay- shull" day...

But then he got it.

"Why is it a special day?!"

"Because Hah-Pee Burf Day Paaaa Paaaa"

That's why!

In this particular picture he was trying to have a "Goaty" like papa's:

Hah-Pee Burf Day to YoU Dear Paaaa Paaaa
We love you so much!!

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  1. I love his "Birthday Song". Looks like he had a blast. Hey, next time you are in Lexington, let us know. Maybe we could meet at the park or something. I know JoJo would love to play with Benson.

  2. this is just about the sweetest post ever. i love your family! and sometimes i miss the days of tennis matches and tournaments in hilton head! hope you're doing well!
    -steph caldwell

  3. Happy Birthday Coach Hunter!
    I recognize the tennis team pictures in the background.
    Those were the days!!
    Cute kid, that Benson.
    rachel c

  4. So sweet. Sounds like you got a little country singer on your hands! :)