Sunday, May 16, 2010

Georgia (Benson) on my mind...

Benjamin and I are on a couples outing in Savannah.
We're having an absolute ball, eating way too much seafood and pecan pralines,
and not sure whether to be happy or sad about the fact
that Benson doesn't even realize we're gone...
he's having way too much fun with all of his grandparents.

We had to bribe him with a "surprise" just to get him to talk to us on the phone!
We're pretty sure he doesn't even miss us.
Let's just say, the feeling isn't mutual.
And the thought has crossed my mind...
Is this what it feels like to have a teenager?!
I feel like I'm missing an arm.


  1. Lookn' hot, momma!! And I must say that B is looking rugged and sexy with his facial hair! :) You can tell him I said that. heehee.

  2. Gorgeous picture! I know what you mean. Gracie was with her Mimi this weekend, and I felt the same way. Nice to be "without" but you feel like such a large part is missing. Ah, motherhood!

  3. Ya'll look wonderful and welcome to the other part of parenthood. The part where you worry whenever you can't see them and believe me you never get used to them being away no matter how old they get.