Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a history of the zoo

I love the zoo.
I've always loved the zoo.
Growing up 20 minutes away from an awesome zoo, we went there on field trips every year.
I loved it every time.

Well, actually, now that I think about it, I didn't. When I was little, I didn't love the zoo.

I think I love it so much now that it makes me think I liked it then, but in all honesty, I wasn't a huge fan. I liked it for a little while until the Columbia "Famously Hot" hotness hit me.
And then I was miserable. I do NOT like being hot. At. All.

Plus, the elephant exhibit used to be at the front of the zoo. There's nothing like being walloped upside the nostrils with the smell of elephant dung as soon as you walk in a place.

They have now strategically moved the elephants to the BACK of the zoo, in order to waft the stank over the woods instead of every other exhibit.

Whoever thought of that should be given a raise.

Now, I love the zoo... Now that I'm all grown up, and get to decide which day I want to go (always checking the weather first) And I get to buy a coke whenever I want...
(They never let you visit the canteens on field trips. And I love canteens.)

Canteens and Gas stations.

I love getting snacks in gas stations.
I rank them according to selection of goodies.
And whether or not they carry Starbucks Vanilla Frappucino.

The pilot gas station in Clinton on the way to Clemson is one of the all-time best.
I visit there even if I don't need gas.
Or need to go to the bathroom.

Unless Benjamin's driving.
And in that case we don't stop.
Making good time is Key.
It trumps Frappucinos.
So I usually pack a cooler.
Because I like being hydrated.
Plus that makes me have to go to the bathroom.
And we get to stop at the Pilot.

They didn't have this exhibit when we went on our field trips back in the day. It's gotten cooler over time. The attractions. Not the Temperature.

You gotta admit, having a giraffe nibble out of your hand is a pretty cool experience...

Sometimes giraffes get three year old hands and lettuce leaves confused.
I can see how that would happen.
Sometimes, I wanna eat him up too.

And they have Zero regard for personal space.. But having a giraffe all up in your grill is part of the coolness.

But the zoo has other awesome things than just animals...
It has trees...

And new friends...

And my heart.

Please do note the complete loop-de-loop curl on the back of this child's head. He received a haircut later that day.

I just thought this lion looked so picturesquely posed.
I like his paws. Looks like he just got back from the groomer.
I need to take Peaches to the groomer.
Wonder if this guy would be willing to share the name of his stylist?

As many times as we've been to the zoo, there's always something new to do...
Check back tomorrow to see a new zoo first :)


  1. i can't get over how grown up Benson looks all of the sudden!! and his little curl in the back...i love it!

  2. We love stopping at gas stations too! I've convinced Ben it's the only way to travel and he'll indulge my 25 cent candy cravings (lemon heads, air heads, blow pops, etc). I told him when the kids are older, we'll "bribe" them with a pit stop and a quarter!