Thursday, June 3, 2010

Baseball...Birthday Songs... CTL+Z

I'm devasted for Detroit Tigers Pitcher,
before Yesterday, I had never even heard of the guy...

And yet today, I can't stop thinking about him.

And his mom.

His poor mom.

That's the thing about having kids who play sports... sometimes they win, sometimes they lose... and once in a million lifetimes, they pitch a perfect game and get ROBBED of the "21st Perfect game in all of history" accolade, by a bad call.

I feel bad for the umpire too. At first I was mad at him, but he's admitted he was wrong, so now I just feel bad for the guy.

It'd be nice if Baseball had instant replay...

It'd be even nicer if we could "CTL+Z" (or command+z if you're mac :) ) life.

I have moments like that, where I'd like to "Edit" "Undo."

There are also moments I'd like to have Ti-Vo'd so I could go back and relive it.
Benson's first birthday party "happy birthday song," I realized at about the second "to you... ", we weren't recording it.

PAUSE! Rewind! Record. Play!

Too bad it doesn't work that way. :(

Maybe the baseball commissioner will overturn it.

You can guarantee I'll be recording the singing of birthday songs from here on out....

Oh life....

We went to the ball field this past week to watch Benjamin's associate's son play ball...

THIS, is an example of a GOOD safe call.

He's a solid kid... his sportsmanship on the field was awesome

Benson, like his mama, is a fan of canteens.

And unlike his mama, is a huge fan of baseball.

Although, I'm sure, despite the fact that I am not necessarily a fan of the sport
(I think it goes back to being Hot... I'm SO not a fan of being hot)
I'll be (Lord willing) cheering at MANY baseball games in my day.

And I probably won't be able to get away with showing up in the 5th inning for a 7 inning ball game like I did for his daddy when we were in high school.

I was a bad girlfriend.

Although, I still contend that you can get the baseball "experience" in two innings instead of 7.

I mean, I didn't even know Galarraga was pitching a perfect game until the 27th batter came up to bat and Benjamin said, "Watch this, this guy's about to throw a perfect game." And in ONE PITCH, the whole game was summed up and I haven't been able to get it off my mind today.

See, I didn't need to watch the whole thing! In this case, I only needed to watch ONE PITCH!

"Pah-leese, Mom... I'm SO not buying it."

Ok, baby, I will cheerfully sit through ALL of your games.
(There are only five innings when they're little, right?)

I guess there's ONE thing that Baseball's better than sitting through...
This little one's affinity for RACECAR driving is NOT something we are encouraging.

500 laps? Around and around and around?

Give me baseball, PLEASE!!

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  1. Love that sweaty little head :) And you will love every second of those little ball games!