Friday, April 9, 2010

Ryan Egg Dyin'

grandmama pouring in the "ben- egar"
ben-egar makes eggs brighter. did you know?
it does. my grandmama told me so.

if benjamin and i both have brown eyes--
is it possible to draw a punnet square that says we can produce offspring with eyes like these?

i think these are more likely...
i'll take it.

caught in the act

i walked out on the sun porch and saw benson serenely staring out of the window, and I thought to myself..

"Aw.. how unusually still and sweet he is, just gazing out the window wistfully..."

and then i realized... there were totally ulterior motives...
see beside his ear?

notice who has his game plan and wants out the door first for the easter egg hunt!

pics from the hunt to come...

it was intense.
the ryan competitive nature is apparently genetic.

unlike the blue eyes.

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