Friday, April 16, 2010

In Appreciation for Our American Right to Bear Arms and The Masters...

I realize that The Masters and Our American Right to Bear Arms seemingly have nothing to do with one another...

I don't even think they let you carry cell phones into the Masters, much less your .22!

But in this blog post, we're linking them for the sheer hilariousness of this moment. Becca was here and B was hammin' it up, impersonating one of Hartsville's Finest, which you will see in the news clip below...

He's so going to kill me for posting these :)

I really wanted to go and find this guy and get a picture of him and Benson for the purposes of this blog... but then, I reconsidered... his "quick draw" is just a little too intimidating for me...

please note the reporters reaction to it.

And then, once you've watched it... watch it again... it gets better every time.

Oh wow...

We really do love living here... and the colorful persona only makes it better :)

*A special thanks to Hunter and Me-Miss for sending us this..
we've gotten quite a few laughs out of it!!!*


  1. Daniel saw this on facebook. He is mad at your for making fun of Hartsville! :) LOL! I took up for you. Don't worry :)

  2. Daniel... we have nothing but love for Hartsville! But you gotta admit, no matter where this guy is from, he's hilarious!!