Monday, April 26, 2010

I feel like that could be the name of some new reality TV show or something.

I'd Ti-Vo it, for sure.

Among our other shenanigans,
We went to the little Hartsville twin cinemas while bec was in town..
It's only two dollars to go! And they play new movies. And have great popcorn!
Yet another totally cool little nook in the 'ville.
Our reality TV show would regularly film segments here.

The lighting outside was so pretty, so of course we snapped some snaps. I love how the coloring turned out.
Those blue eyes don't hurt though...
oh how I long for a blue-eyed itty bitty to call my own.
I guess this one's close enough... we'll claim 'er. :)

Although, I must say, I wouldn't change one thing about this little itty bitty.

Benson loves him some

Benson's love for his Aunt Becca goes way back... if you weren't reading the blog a year and a half ago (when he was 17 months old), you may have missed this video...
I have to say it's one of my all time favs :)


  1. one of my all time favs too...can't help but giggle everytime i watch. glad you're like ol' Hartsville!!

  2. Jessica, I laughed so hard. Benson is adorable!! I can't wait to officially meet him at Meg's wedding. I love reading you and Kelli's blog. Hope to see you soon, Elizabeth Maye

  3. That is really really funny!!!