Saturday, April 10, 2010

the Hunt

Benson with his Easter Cauldron.

Ok.. let me explain... I didn't realize that we were having an Easter egg hunt, so I didn't come prepared.. and the only buckets with handles were cauldrons. Not the picturesque egg gatherer I was looking for...
next year, I will come prepared, you can take that to the bank!

"all that fuss? over this?"

"maybe i should hold onto it..."

eggs can be hiding in tricky places....

sometimes you find them by searching really hard...

and sometimes your "pre-game preparation" really pays off...

him:"i see some eggs over there!"
her: "me too! i think i'll take one..."

him: "hey! wait!"
her: "it's like a pretty little egg flower!"

him: "ok. you got your egg. you can move along now..."
her: "ok. I've got my egg. I think I'll move along now..."

her: "well what do you know! there's another one right there!"
him: "don't even think about it"

him: "heyyyyyy!!!"
her: "victory is sweet."

me: "thankful for the 4 frames per second mode"

the four little easter bunnies...

next year, there will be five! :)
the Gibbs are due to have number two in august :)

he's excited about being a big brother!!

and they are just waiting around wondering when they won't be the baby anymore...

although, being the baby isn't bad--
you can get away with stuff the others can't...

oh how i love these babies :)


  1. love the black and white picture of Hannah with her daddy...priceless!! :)

  2. Nobody told us Christa was pregnant again!!! GEE! It's hard to keep up with everyone! Great the one of Hannah and Thomas...