Monday, June 29, 2009

Thoughts on Blogging

I love to blog. I really do. It's therapeutic for me and I especially love keeping a record of all of the memories of Benson as he's growing so quickly! The problem with Blogging is that if I go for a couple of days without posting pics, I end up having a pile of posts needing to be written and I always feel like I need to do them chronologically, so then I wait til I have a big enough chunk of time to sit down and catch up! Well that chunk of time has averted me as of late and I wanted to apologize to those who check the blog religiously for updates (you know who you are :)! ) SO-- those of you waiting on pictures from the big SECOND BIRTHDAY party as well as the FIRST BEACH trip--- STAY tuned-- We'll be up and running again as soon as I get a minute or two! Which hopefully won't be much longer!!

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