Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fun times at Spinners

One of Benjamin's co-workers, James Etheridge, is a fantastic singer (you should hear him sing a Don Henley song-- he sounds JUST LIKE HIM!!!) and often performs at local venues... He was playing out at a new boat-club on the lake called "Spinners." We took Becca and Benson and had a great time! Here's some pics from the evening...

Benson and Bryson (one of Benjamin's OTHER co-worker's sons) had so much fun playing on the John Deere tractor that was parked at the back of the volleyball court. (random!)

We're going to the beach next week with Dad and Mrs. J, and this picture gets me PUMPED to think about how fun it's going to be - playing in the sand with Benson for the FIRST TIME!

Note all the children and BENJAMIN-- playing dodgeball...

Aunt Becca and Benson-- love this one...

And here's a random one of Becca and Benson that afternoon playing some curious george game on the PBS website-- he thought it was the coolest thing ever!


  1. He looks like SUCH a big boy in that last picture--his little hand propped up on his hip! I could just eat him with a spoon!!!