Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I love my silly boy!

I wonder to myself if all children are as hilarious as Benson or if it's that all parents are as crazy as about their kids as we are so that they think their kids are hilarious as we think he is...

Could you follow that line of thinking?

Anyway.. here's some videos of him being his silly self... the first one he's dancing a jig while eating pizza, and he "LOVES it"

The second, he's "Looookin Gooooood".... in the awesome outfit daddy dressed him in (and I guess Benjamin was encouraging our son's Thug appeal by hiking up one of the pants legs.. ?????)


  1. He is precious! I am laughing out loud right now! Your sides must hurt at the end of each day! Too funny! :)

  2. OH MY! So cute! He is such a ham and i know you guys probably do not have to many dull moments at home!