Monday, June 8, 2009

Dallas, Day One!

Benson, in Daniel's size 14 shoe!

Full tummy-tumm-tum!

Benson and Alli "playing"
On the way to the airport yesterday, Benson was sneezing with a little runny nose. He woke up this morning with a full-blown yucky cold! He is coughing, sneezing, runny nose and temperature! Since we canceled our LAST trip a few weeks ago because of him being sick, this is truly UNBELIVEABLE! I just keep reminding myself that the Lord is in control. The LORD IS in control!
While it is quite frustrating to be here with a sick Benson, we're praying protection over Alli, and giving thanks to the Lord that I happened upon a Cuirous George Cartoon Collection DVD in Best buy the day that we left and stuck it in my bag- just-in-case. Well, it's pretty much the only thing that keeps him appeased... here he is sitting on the couch watching curious george... what he did the whole first day! Praise the Lord for Curious George!!!
Sleepy girl...

Tub Time is so fun! I think she looks so different with her hair wet! It's AMAZING how much hair she has!!!

All clean! and SO CUTE!

My photography skillz were a little lacking here, but this is her cute little smile...
Chillin on the counter...

Carrie's Mama, Mrs. Karen a.k.a "Boogie" is here as well! Benson LOVES Boogie!

Boogie grilled us some AWESOME steaks for lunch! It was a FEAST! Benson helped. :)

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