Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Benson's Second Birthday Party

"Benson, How Old are You?"
(we've been working really hard on holding up the fingers for "two")

Check out the cool invitation matching banner in the background as well as "I'm here to celebrate Benson's 2nd Birthday" Stickers-- both courtesy of SugarLump Stationery!!! :)


Sweet Friends... Kell, Brooke, me and Stephabulous

Benson got his first tricycle from nana and papa!

This boy was lovin' him some cake! He was SO PUMPED about getting to eat cake-- he kept talking about it all day long!

CHHEEEEESSSE! What a goof! :) A cute goof! :)

Cute Cousins..

The guys of the party-- They were troopers to come! thanks, guys! :)

Uncle Jeremy, Aunt Christa and Will

Aunt Becca

"Lash" I'm not quite sure where the "L" came from, but Benson has re-named Aunt Ash, "Lash" I think it's cute :)

This could be my favorite picture of the whole day-- Benson and Papa sliding down the slide.. click on it to enlarge it in order to see their faces-- SO CUTE!!

We went to the fire station after the party and Benson, Hannah and Addie Grace got to play on the fire trucks! Cool idea, Grandmama!

Here's a slideshow of all of the 261 pictures our wonderful photographer, Kelli, so graciously took at Benson's Birthday party so that I could enjoy the day instead of trying to capture the moments! Thanks, Kell!
Click on "view all images" in order to see all of the pictures in a non-rotating fashion!
Click the Plus+ to speed up the slides or -to slow them down...

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  1. It looks like you all had so much fun!! I'm sorry we had to miss it. Love all of the pictures! :)