Friday, April 8, 2011

KK, Unca Trey and Lay-el-lah

In case you missed the  last post, the Ingrams came to the ville to visit us for my birthday weekend. 
Benson really thought they came just to play with him.

He absolutely loves these friends.  He'd constantly ask Trey... "Unca Trey?  So... ya wanna come play in my room? Orrrr what?"   Poor Trey- I don't think Benson let him rest for a second all weekend!  And Benson somehow makes "Lael" into a three syllable name.  And said it about 52,000 times over the course of two days.  He'd ask "KK, you think Lay-el-lah can play wiff me?" 
I'm not sure which of us enjoyed their visit more!! 

Saturday morning, they snuggled up and read from the Jesus Storybook Bible...


Then they had some quality coloring time...
Here, you can clearly see the difference in boys and girls...
Lael is 16 and a half months old.  And not only does she love to color...

couples coloring

Do please note how she holds the crayon. Naturally.  Without instruction. 
Kinda puts the whole "Monumental Milestone" post into perspective. 

lael holding the crayon

Lael had fun in the rice box :)

rice box

She's got game....


And she's a fan of the tractor... 
She's pretty much the perfect girl. 

lael driving the tractor

The "KIDS" had a lot of fun playing together while the two mamas were kicked back in lounge chairs enjoying the sunshine.  (Please excuse the absence of pictures of the latter part- we agreed it would be best to keep those under wraps...)

the kids

And before they left, we snapped a few more pics:



And we weren't happy when they had to leave!

funny faces

It's such a blessing to have these sweet friends in our life.  And we're looking forward to seeing how the dynamics change when we add a couple of other cuties in the mix in just a few short weeks!!! 

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  1. These are great pictures!! I love the last two posts! Love you, too! :)