Monday, April 18, 2011

Will is FOUR!

We were able go to Will's Fourth Birthday Party this past weekend!

Now that I've been released from bedrest and meds (as of last Wednesday/36 weeks), I'm just gallavantin' all over! :)

Will's birthday party marks the beginning of "birthday season" around here...
He just turned four, which means HANNAH is about to turn four and then...

sniff sniff...

my itty bitty baby boy is going to turn four.

It seriously hurts my heart to think that these BABIES are turning FOUR!!!

 Will {two months old} Benson {two days old} and Hannah {one month old}


They were such happy infants.  :)

It's such an incredible and special GIFT that they have each other!!! 

blowin out the candles

And Addie Grace is right in there with 'em...

four in the jeep

 And I'm sure it won't be long before Ryan Elizabeth starts showing the newbies around... It's truly unreal to think that THESE babies (that are still in the oven) are going to grow up with the blessing of cousins the same age, too!  It looks like these babies are only going to be a couple of WEEKS or DAYS apart!  I guess they COULD even be born on the same day!!  Now THAT would be something!
Susie's due May 1 and I'm due May 12... it should be interesting to see what happens over the next couple of weeks!! 

ella and t

My "sisters" :)  
We are so excited to welcome Brittany RYAN to the gang! :)

the girls

These two enjoy each other so much...
Hannah COULD NOT wipe the smile off her face, driving this little tractor around...
and BENSON had the white-knuckle-grip and his "worried" face on the whole time.

female driver

And then grandmama found something....

GRANDmama capture

Think you could guess what it was??

pass off

Well.  I'll tell you this..  It was EXCITING!

so excited

Oh the joys of boys. 
Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails... it's so true. 


Roll your mouse over the picture below to see what happens when you give three, four year olds small amphibians. 

Happy birthday dear Willlllll,  Happy birthday to YOU!

happy birthday to you

The Gibbs.  
I almost didn't recognize Ryan Elizabeth!  Why do babies have to grow so FAST?!!


Benson was being a little overly cautious of the play weed-eater...

safety gear

Mrs. Lula snapped a pic of me and my hunny :) 
We're about to have a baby :)  n 'case ya didn't know. 
And we CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!! :) 

jess and b

We have a doctor's appointment Tuesday (tomorrow) morning at 9am. 
(36 weeks and 5 days --off bedrest and meds for 5 days -- and Monday (today) was the first time in 20 weeks that I've not received a progesterone shot!
So SURELY SOMETHING has to be changing right?! 
I'm so going to go to 42 weeks and have to remove the child by crane, after all this.) 

Every day for the past ten weeks I've thought, "this could be the day!"  But there's a pretty good chance that SOMEtime over the next three weeks, it really is going to be THE day!
Wonder if it will be tomorrow?!!  :) 
I'm looking so forward to meeting this little fella who's been kickin' me in the ribs!!

**Update: Our Doctor's appointment went great!  Everything is still the same.. NO CHANGE!  We're two days away from FULL TERM!  Praise the Lord!  Maybe he'll be an Easter Sunday baby like his mama?! :)  


  1. So, how did you make the picture change when the mouse scrolls over it? That's really neat! :)

  2. the bday picture of the kids all around the cake is priceless! and i love benson with his little work goggles on...too cute :)

  3. So much fun with all the cousins! :) You look great and I can't wait to hear the arrival news of baby boy #2!