Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Eve 2011

We had a little different Easter this year than we have in the past 28 years.  The only time that we've NOT spent Easter morning in Pageland was April 3, 1983 when I was born.  But there is a time and a season for everything and this year we changed things up a bit.  Instead of going to Pageland on Easter morning like we have in the past, we celebrated "Easter Eve" together at my Grandaddy's nursing home.

It's really not WHERE you are, but who you're with that really matters anyway... and we all had a great time being together in Cheraw.

Here's our family Easter picture... In all honesty, I think we had a few people who were kinda hoping for ANOTHER "Easter Baby" but it didn't happen.  Maybe he'll come on Papa's birthday (April 29th!)
The fact that this baby is so happily staying put, really is quite humorous.

group pic

I love the happy spring colors in this picture :)

benson with gma and gdad

The originals...

the kids

The lovebirds...

gma and gdaddy

MORE lovebirds...
(counting down the days until July 23!)

lash and chris bw

Silly Lash, already lovin' on her nephew...

lash and jess

And Benjamin, helping support my ever-expanding gut...

helping hold the bebe

The two most precious faces I know...

b and benson

After we left the nursing home, we went back to grandmama Hunter's house
to help her with her "honey do" list.
The boys worked outside cutting grass, painting, cleaning gutters, weed eating etc.
The girls worked inside.  Except me.  I was cooking.  A baby that is... :)

Benson took off his shirt like the rest of the guys and was really "helping" BIG time...
Then he celebrated his hard work with bubbles...

benson bubbles

And I'll leave you with this little morsel of hotness...
B was in charge of weed-eating, but didn't have any long pants, and all he could find was my grandaddy's rescue squad outfit.
I think he really rocked it... :)

hotstuff weedeater

It's pics like this and about a million other reasons why I love this man so much :) 
 And what keeps his BROTHERS reading the blog for ammo with which to rag him! :)


  1. the picture of Benjamin is hilarious, as in, I literally laughed out loud and almost snorted the water I was drinking into my nose when I saw it on the screen!! :) what a good sport he is! :)

  2. B you look like you are on work release! Ha ha I laughed so hard when I saw this!