Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

This pretty much sums up this thanksgiving-- Benson on the "top bunk." He spent the entirety of two whole days asking to be put on the "top bunk" and his favorite person to ask was "Hunner" because he willingly obliged for two whole days. Hunter, you're a trooper!

Peaches and Benson in the (just fallen) "Gingerbread House"-- Maybe it's the color of the bedding at Grandmama Hunter's house-- but Benson wanted to make "gingerbread houses" any time we were in our room (did you know if you stand two pillows up and lean them together it makes a gingerbread house?! I wouldn't try to eat it, though! :) )

Aunt (Lash) Jemima.... idk...???

Benson and Papa had a great time playing monster trucks at the "Patrick Community Center" where we now celebrate our extended family thanksgiving meals!

All. Boy.

I think benson was done with pics at this point :)

Here we are looking PRET-TY in the early morning...
The clock says 3:40. That's a.m., folks.

Ash and Jess in line at Target- at approximately 4:25 a.m. It was COOOOLD!


  1. I wish that I could be with you just once at 3:40 in the morning! :) You morning person you :)

  2. Carrie, your comment made me laugh-- yeah.. I was able to actually convince Ash to start at Target (which opened at 5am) instead of Kohls which opened at 4am! That extra hour of sleep is important for me!! The thrill of the sale is pretty motivating though :) When you walk out of the store with a $3 coffee pot, you feel like it's all worth it :):):)

  3. $3?? That is amazing. I've got to get back in the Black Friday shopping mode. I think it's been 3years since I've done it. The problem is that I can never get anyone to come with me! Maybe I should come spend Thanksgiving in Patrick :)

  4. We would love to have you with us in Patrick! Now THAT would be some fun times!!! :)