Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ryan Family Thanksgiving

Mr. Tom and Mrs. Lula are always great about celebrating holidays on days OTHER than the ACTUAL day- in order that all the couples can be with the other side of the family on the actual holiday. Having such flexible in-laws has been SUCH a blessing and allows us all to celebrate together without having to eat TWO thanksgiving meals in one day! :)
This year, we ended up celebrating on the Sunday after thanksgiving- Mrs. Lula cooked an absolute FEAST and we enjoyed being together and sharing our thankfulness for one another.

Pretty in Purple :)

Ok- the next series of pics was taken in about a 45 second span where we were just attempting to get all their eyes... I'm loving Hannah's expressions in these...

Close enough :)

So... we got the car stuck when we tried to back it down into the yard... Why? You ask, would we back the car into the yard? So we would have a place to set the camera for the self timer pics, of course! Anything for a picture!
Here are the boys {{happily}}towing the car...

This is my silly husband demonstrating how his mama loves "natural" pictures :) We were reminiscing of prom pics with me IN my prom dress, posed "naturally" (of course) IN a bush. Since that is something that you "naturally" do in a prom dress. We love you, Mrs. Lula! :)

I mean, how cute is this uncle with his nephews!?! They love their Uncle JO!

And a couple of fam. shots... Benjamin and I look like a two headed blue monster with our matching navy on :)


  1. The Ryan family always looks so happy to be together! So special! I love how everyone is so coordinated! Little Hannah is such a hoot! You can tell she is going to love being in front of a camera! :)

  2. I think I lauged out loud when I saw the series of pictures of the little ones on the steps. Too cute! :)