Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Party

Benjamin is blessed to have a group of guys from high school that he is still extremely close with... Every year we try to get all of our families together for a Christmas party- This year, we had it at our house! It's the first year that everybody has a little one of their own! It's so amazing to think back about when I first met these guys a million years ago and see each of their sweet little families now- The Lord has truly blessed us all!

All the babies (including our first baby, Peaches-- she insisted on being in the pic in her cute little Christmas outfit...)

Tyler, Bryson, Izzie, Benson and Ansley

Proud Papas...

And their prettier halves :)

Here's the newest little arrival, Izzie-- she is such a beautiful mix of her mama and daddy!

Here's the older (by about two weeks) Ansley and her mama Amanda. Benson has especially enjoyed getting to spend time with "baby ansley." When she gets to come over to our house, Benson takes it upon himself to be on "paci-patrol." He watches that Pacifier like a hawk and pops it back in her mouth should it happen to fall out. Last time we played with her, he told me, "I'm going to be a good big brother!" We'll see :) Well, not yet--- That wasn't like a hint or anything! :)

And here's Peach... pooped after all the party festivities.

Benson was pooped too :)

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