Monday, December 28, 2009

Lets start at the very beginning... a very good place to start. ... :)

In attempt to capture all of December on this, our "digital baby book," I'm going to backtrack a little give a glimpse at a few of the activities I didn't get a chance to blog about before Christmas. (and before my new super duper camera :) Although, I must say, I still dearly love my Canon Powershot SD870 IS point-and-shoot and it still has a permanent place in my pocketbook to capture those impromptu priceless moments:) It will still make regular appearances on the blog :) no worries of total replacement :) )

These pictures were taken at a birthday party of one of Benjamin's co-workers sons that was held at Fox Tree Farm in West Columbia (which I had no idea existed up until this point, but was quite a ball of fun and would recommend checking out, although their little website leaves much to be desired :) )

Benson got to ride a horse for the first time! He was so brave... quite the cowboy :) I love his little mittened hand in this one :)

It was 37 degrees. That is just plain cold if you've lived in South Carolina all your life!
And for all of you who speculated that our Christmas card picture was STAGED.... well.. it wasn't! It was taken in 37 degree weather while we were rightfully wearing snow gear.
In SC.
Where there were still green leaves in the trees.
In 37 degree weather.
They took us on a hayride pulled by an old tractor, which was a fun first for the little guy!

Benson got to feed a llama. I still think they have the funniest looking little faces.. so goofy! :)

Here's the whole troop...

Here we are feeding a donkey...
The man giving our tour told the story of Mary and Joseph traveling to Bethlehem and told the children how maybe this donkeys great great great great etc etc grandfather carried Mary who had baby Jesus in her tummy-- it was such a neat connection for the children to see this animal and to hear how he was God's chosen one to carry His son!
And here's Benson and the birthday boy Bryson just-a-swangin...

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