Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lael came to Lexington!

Kelli is seriously the bravest first-time-mom I've ever seen. She brought Lael to Lexington by HERSELF for a day trip to visit a bunch of different people. (I think Benson was like eight months old before I got up the confidence to take him to the STORE by myself, much less on a trip! ) She popped into Hudson's where we were eating dinner so that Benjamin and Benson could meet Lael. They loved getting to smooch on the little sweetie :) This is the first of MANY pictures of our families together!

Benson was tickled to get to see her in real life!

Look at that sweet baby girl!! I love her to pieces!!!

"Uncle B" got to meet little Lael for the first time too-- I think he looks good holding a girl :)

I love both Benson and Lael's face in this one... so funny :)

My what a difference a couple of months makes! :)

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