Saturday, July 9, 2011

A sleep study...

Thomas, as a newborn, sleeping:

thomas as a baby sleeping

Benson, as a newborn, sleeping:

benson as a baby sleeping

There's some strong similarities, but they definitely each have their own look, for sure.
I can't believe how absolutely BALD Benson was!!  I remember he didn't have any hair, but he doesn't even have EYELASHES!  At this point, Benson was eight weeks old and I still don't think he'd lost that "preemie" look that he started out with... Thomas is three weeks old in the above picture and he already looks a lot more mature, in my opinion.  I guess three and a half more weeks in the womb gives ya a little head start :) 

Here's one more of Benson, at six weeks old... I've always loved this "TOUCHDOWN" picture :)
I still can't get over how shriveled up he was :) Now that I have a "normal" baby to compare him to, it's amazing how tiny he actually was! :)  He hadn't even reached 8 pounds here, at six weeks, and Thomas is already passed 9 at three weeks!!  We might have a quarterback on our hands :) 

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