Saturday, October 31, 2009


Benson, Mrs. Lula and I made the trek to Spartanburg to go to Hollywild. It's this little zoo place out in the middle of no where that features celebrity animals that have been in movies and commercials-- The most famous animal is pippi longstockings horse, which we got a picture with, but i just realized I accidentally deleted it and thus do not have it to share :(
When we drove up, we realized it was actually CLOSED during the week in October, but we BEGGED the people to let us walk around and feed the animals and they thankfully obliged. We didn't get to do the "safari" part, but I've heard that part's really neat at Christmastime, so maybe we'll go back then!
Here's some pics from the fun day!

We laughed so hard at this group of llamas-- have you ever taken the time to stop and look at llama teeth? They've got some seriously messed up grills!

Ok-- this massive lion was like, REALLY close-- and he was ROARING really loud at another lion on the other side of the park-- and since all that separated us was this flimsy chicken-wire-esk fence-- I encourgaed the group to walk quickly on past this exhibit as I didn't want him to get a hanckering for one of our little ones!!

This tiger was in a lot of movies and it tells which ones on the sign, but the only one I really new of was "Prince of Tides." I thought that was pretty cool!

I mean, the tiger is cool, but those pigtails just GET me! LOVE THEM!

Feeding the baby deer:

And we had a nice little picnic by a pond that had about a million ducks and geese on it who REALLY wanted our food!

This is a Zonkey. Or a Debra depending on your preference. It's a cross between a zebra and a donkey. Kinda crazy looking!

And Benson got to feed the zebra!

He loved climbing the fences to look in the cages...

And here's the three cuties feeding the tousands of coi and catfish. Very cool experience!


  1. I say let's call it a Zonkey and not a "Deebra" ... too much like Debra and that thing I definitely am not! HA! :) Love the pics! Looks like y'all had fun!

  2. Love it! Ok, so... how in the world do movie animals end up in Spartanburg? Ha! My favorite for sure is the Zonkey! What a crazy animal and funny sense of humor God has! :) Looks like tons of fun.

  3. Oh My sakes, Debra! I didn't even THINK of it saying DEB-RA-- when I was looking at it, I just was thinking DEEEE-BRA-- I agree, a Zonkey is a much better term! :):):)

  4. Everyone always talks about Hollywild, living up here in the upstate...glad to see it up close and personal :) I'll try to talk Josh into a visit!!