Thursday, October 15, 2009

We love the zoo!!

These pictures are from the trip we took last week to the zoo... I love having a great zoo right down the road- It really is such a blessing and we never get tired of going! There's always something new to see every time we go!!

There's a new baby giraffe!! In January, we went to see the baby giraffe, but he wasn't out so we didn't get to see him, but we've had ANOTHER baby giraffe and this time we got to see it in all of its adorableness! This is definitely one of my favorite exhibits at the zoo!

Here you can see the baby giraffe and the one that was born in January walking behind it. I love them!

We did something we've never done at the zoo.. we went to the 3D movie! It was this neat little 15 minute movie about turtles. Benson was amazed!

And this one wasn't from the zoo-- it's just a random one of Benson playing with a grasshopper he found. I think I may have a little entomologist on my hands!!

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