Monday, October 5, 2009

This cowboy lost his chaps!

He was shooting "racoons" out of the kitchen window.

G'day Folks.


  1. Love the cowboy pictures. He looks too cool!!! Hope you can make it to the park on Wednesday. We will be there around noon or so. I will probably bring our lunch. I guess if it rains we won't be there. But if it looks like it does today with no rain we will be there. If you want you can call me on my cell: 513-8360
    Hope you can come:)

  2. Hey, how is Benson doing? Has he gotten over the hand, foot and mouth? We are dealing with the flu over hear. Luckily it is only Jesse. Although I think he is getting better. The doctor said he will be out of school until next week. He is over the fever but now is dealing with muscle pain in his legs. He can't walk flat on his feet and Morton doesn't seem to help. If it doesn't get better by Friday we will have to go to the ortho.