Sunday, May 3, 2009

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May's GQ Cover

I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I love my husband and how much I appreciate his sense of humor! I think he is stinkin' hilarious! Sometimes he gets these crazy, random ideas that really crack me up...

He didn't go with us to Disney on Ice... and afterwords we wanted to go eat at Yesterday's in Five Points in Downtown Columbia-- We called him to ask us to meet us and he didn't act very thrilled to drive thirty minutes to meet us to eat seeing how it was already 8:40 pm...

But he said he'd come...

So, we went ahead and sat down and ordered and were watching the door, looking for "Daddy" and IN struts Benjamin, DECKED OUT in his Seersucker Suit (which he's never even worn before because he's never had quite the occasion for such a "loud" piece of attire) with this tough, cool guy look on his face. Ash, Becca, and I just sat there with our mouths wide open and then we were all crying we were laughing so hard!

Well, since Benson had his seersucker pants on as well, I took the opportunity to have a little Daddy/Son photo shoot :)

Picture 1: Sweet Eyes

Picture 2: Big Smiles

Picture 3: Leaning on the Door, Serious

Picture 4: Leaning on the Door, Cracking Up

Picture 5: Riding on Daddy's Shoulders Rocks

Picture 6: Daddy is so FUN!

Picture 7: Walking on the Wall with Daddy's Help

Picture 8: Strollin'

Picture 9: Hugs

Picture 10: GO! GO! GO!

Fam. Pic.

Growing (click on this one to see it a little larger)

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