Monday, May 11, 2009


Benson's sick-- and so I am -- this isn't really that big of a deal except for the fact that we were supposed to leave for Texas today to visit The Moores. Benson and I were going to take our first trip to Texas, just the two of us. We made the decision last night that it wasn't the best idea to expose a six week old to our yucky cold germs...
If I didn't fully believe in the sovereignty of God, I'd be HIGHLY upset-- however I know that the Lord is in control and He knows more than I do about things.... That doesn't make it any less disappointing though! I'm supposed to be holding sweet little Alli tonight...

:( Instead, I'm swigging Nyquil and heading to bed early :(

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  1. Sorry that you are sick and you're not here. Hope things get better soon. Alli was fussy all day yesterday. Maybe she was sad that you weren't here! :( Hope you get better soon.