Friday, May 8, 2009

I could never get a tatoo...

I could never get a tatoo because I'm way too indecisive and I question myself way too much... If it's THIS difficult for me to pick out a kitchen table to decorate my HOUSE, I could never pick out a decoration for my BODY! (ha! Can't you see ME with a TATOO! The thought of that is humorous in and of itself apart from my indecisiveness!)

It's taken me FIVE WEEKS of steady searching and going to stores all over the place and hours of looking online to FINALLY find the table I wanted!

I KNEW what I wanted, but just couldn't FIND it anywhere!!

I wanted a ROUND table (I feel that round tables promote conversation-- nobody's left on the end and out of the loop)-- Plus it's great for playing NERTS! Which if you've read this blog for any amount of time, you know if quite important in our lives :)

I wanted a FOREVER table-- one that was of solid construction and one that was going to be sufficient for us now, size-wise, but one that we could fit all of our children and grandchildren around one day (Benjamin thinks I'm being a little overboard in looking for a table we can sit at with our grandchildren)

So, I was looking for a 52" ROUND table with a LEAF that could extend it to an oval to accommodate a large crowd---

THEN-- I wanted it to be two-tone--

BLACK on the bottom, WOOD on the top-- I felt like if I had ALL black, it would show splatter and dust, but I wanted the tie in some of my black pieces in my house and it sits beside our Baby Grand Piano so I wanted it to somewhat coordinate--

Well, folks, apparently other people don't agree that these are important features in a table, because I couldn't find one ANYWHERE!!!


I called down to NORTH Furniture in NORTH (that's the name of a town) South Carolina, and they suggested that I come look at the "Sturbridge Pedestal table by Liberty furniture"

Well, Ash and I made the 45 min. Trek to North and it was love at first sight!

THIS was IT!


(Here's Ash at the furniture store modeling how you can indeed cross your legs under the table -- a feature which was surprisingly difficult to find in a table)

Now I can start cooking again! (We've been eating out for like a month-- i mean, really-- you can't cook a big ole meal and then eat on TV trays?!) (at least that was my excuse:))

Here we are at the inaugural meal on our brand new table! WOO HOOO!

And here's just a cute little shot of Benson saying the blessing at the inaugural meal. He's nakey because we were having pasta which he gets EVERYWHERE so we always do Nakey pasta.


  1. I told you you could find it at North!!! Yippee!!! So glad you found it!!!! I love North...nothing better!

  2. I love the table Jessica! It's beautiful and looks great in your house! :) Definitely worth the wait to find exactly what you are looking for.