Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Three Days-- Same Diaper...

No, we're not taking diaper conservation to an extreme...
But Benson HAS indeed worn the same diaper for three straight days. That's because he's only wearing it during nighttime and naps and he hasn't wet it one time!
The rest of the time, he's wearing "Big Boy Undies" (his tiny little hiney looks so cute walking around with an Elmo or Thomas-the- train stamped on his little bottom) and letting me know when he needs to go "Tee Tee Potty." I think we are at the point where we can officially say, he's potty trained! WOO HOO!
I'd like to say a special thanks to my Sister-In-Law, Susie for encouraging me to "take the plunge" and put him in big boy undies without a "transition stage" and then talking me through that first day when we had like 17 accidents and I was just about in tears! Thanks, Susie! It worked!

We've been giving him "juice plus gummies" each time he tee-tees in the potty-- and that is motivation enough for him to "try," but for the longest time, he refused to poopy in the potty-- So told him he could have an Oreo cookie if he poopied in the potty-- Well, he had never had one before-- but I guess it sounded good to him, because he finally did it!
Now, everytime he sits on the potty, he tries to push out some poopy in attempts to ascertain an "Or-Oh" cookie! Silly boy! :)

Benson post poopy and "Or-Oh" cookie

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  1. That is awesome that he is potty trained! I am loving that he got so excited about the oreo cookie! I would go in the potty too because I love oreos! I'm liking the table too. Is it new?