Sunday, May 24, 2009

For those of you going through withdrawal (I know I AM!)...

Here's some pictures I swiped from Mrs. Lula's camera while the "Geek Squad" is operating on mine!

Mrs. Lula has tried really hard to capture a picture of each of the children saying the blessing. Benson doesn't really have the hang of "closing his eyes" when he's praying yet-- And I also find it funny that there's a KFC bowl in front of him--- I really do feed him nutritiously most of the time.. :)


Trying to get those eyes closed!

So sweet!

Can you believe Jonathan is old enough to go to the PROM?! It seems like just yesterday he was running around the house in his yellow swim trunks, with his big goggles and snorkel on-- shimmy-ing up the door frame and swimming in the bathtub!
I've never met his date, but she looks like a sweet girl and I think they had a great time! I'm just thankful she was dressed in that beautiful, MODEST gown-- I can't believe some of the outfits girls wear to the prom these days! Where are their DADDIES?!

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