Monday, September 15, 2008

Chinese K-K

Kelli was blessed to be able to visit China with her husband Trey's family during the olympics. They stayed for two weeks and got to do some once-in-a-lifetime things (such as eat with the Secretary of State of China and sit in his seats at the olympics!!) And even though she had a million things going on while she was there, she didn't forget her little friend Benson. She brought him back these cute little chinese baby shoes. They are so funny on him- they actually fit him to a T and he can walk around in them really well since they are soft on the bottoms. Thanks so much, K-K! :)

Also, we're considering switching from cloth diapering to the chinese way...
Kell took this picture while she was there...

According to what she witnessed while she was there, the kids in China do not wear diapers, they wear split crotch pants. This is so they can squat on the sidewalk and tinkle. :)

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