Saturday, September 6, 2008

Benson's second trip to Clemson!

Since Hurricane Hanna decided to stay at sea,(although Susie did say they've been feeling the effects of hurricane Hannah in Spartanburg for quite some time now... :) ) we took Benson to his second Clemson football game! He went when he was four months old, but I think he appreciated it a little more this time... :)

Helping unload the car for tailgating...

He's in this climbing phase where he wants to get on TOP of everything!

I think Benson may be the only person in history to eat home made chicken noodle soup while tailgating... I mean, what can ya do? He couldn't exactly eat the fried chicken...

What a crew! Susie, Hannah and Addie Grace went too! They were the ones who first decided to be brave and take their babies, so we joined in too and had a great time!

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