Saturday, September 27, 2008

Benson Loves His Aunt Ash

We've been going on Sunday nights to First Presbyterian Church in downtown Columbia to hear Sinclair Ferguson's sermon series on Romans. Benjamin grew up at First Pres. and his parents continue to go there, so we love going to visit. If you'd like to hear some incredible sermons, you can click here:
First Pres. Sunday Night Sermons

After we left church, we went and picked up Aunt Ash at Carolina and went to eat at Moes! Benson had a ball as you can see...

He loves chewing on the bottoms of water bottles....

This is Benson blowing a kiss. He doesn't really understand the whole second part where you take your hand away from your mouth and BLOW the kiss. He just gives a big smack on his hand. Cutie...

Aunt Ash has also been spending more time at our house since her teaching practicum is here in Lexington. Here's some more fun Ash pics:

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