Saturday, September 27, 2008

And a few random ones from lately...

Scrambling the eggs for french toast...

Not happy... (he was told not to mess with Peaches' food)

Eating Salmon for the first time. (I know, what 15 month old eats Salmon? But he's so limited on what he CAN eat, that we have to get creative around here!) He really liked it!

You can't really tell from the pic, but he sleeps with one foot on top of the other just like his daddy!



  1. First of all, can I tell you I really enjoy reading your blog. It is just so much fun to compare little Benson to my little Jo-Jo. It just amazes me to see how much alike they are in learning stages. Although Benson has a lot more words then Josiah.
    It is great that he loves Salmon so much. Do you think he will ever grow out of these allergies? Have you noticed any changes (in the better, I guess) over time? I bet you do get creative though:)
    You guys have a beautiful little boy. I look forward to getting to know him in the nursery at church.
    Have a great day:)
    Pauline Rogers

  2. Hey Pauline! Thanks so much for stopping by our blog! I love blogging! It's such a fun way to share Benson with our friends and family who are scattered about and don't get to see him grow on a daily basis--- This way, they do! My grandparents are so cute-- They say that they get up every single morning and go to their computer (it's probably 15 years old, and they have dial-up internet) to check the blog for updates! What a joy it is to get to share him with them in this way! Blogs are great! I think everyone should have one! :)

    As far as the allergies go, we tried him again on rice (the regular, big-people kind) right after he turned a year. He had a really bad reaction to it, so the doctor has suggested that we wait to try milk, soy or rice again, until he's at least 18 months. So as for now, we're just continuing with our current diet.

    Thanks so much for saying hey and I hope that Benson and Josiah will become great pals!

    jessica :)