Monday, November 24, 2008

Benson's got a "Tick"

With every new word that he learns, Benson becomes slightly obsessed with saying that word... over and over and over again...
Right now, we hear a lot of "Hot," "Fire," "Bird,"and " Tractor." Currently, whenever he sees a clock... he'll point and say "Clock".. although he can't really say the "l-sound"... Much like he always says the word"Hot" with "Fire", and "Tractor" goes with "Grandaddy", Benson always puts a "tick" with "clock"... but he can't quite understand it also goes "tock"..."tick...tock..." he does his head to one side and says "tick" but won't go to the other side and say "tock!" He's so silly.. he really cracks me up...

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